The Background

MIB was a secret branch of the imperial military formed after the time of the Earthsieges, leading into Starsiege. MIB was such a secretive group, that not even Prometheus knew about them. Only the emperor and the remaining members of the Immortal Brotherhood possessed knowledge of the organization. MIB's sole purpose was to monitor Prometheus's activities covertly, to provide intelligence to the emperor on cybrid movements, and to research & develop advanced technologies. Essentially, MIB was the emperor's personal watchdog against another possible cybrid attack. MIB's main headquarters was based underground, inside an undesignated mountain range on Titan. One of MIB's most important and secretive surveillance outposts was a subterranean facility located on the far side of Charon, Pluto's only moon. From this position, MIB intelligence was able to monitor Prometheus's movements undetected, and relay the information back to Titan.

The Technology

About seven years before the Starsiege took place, the small faction on Charon discovered a cache of weapons buried underground while boring out a tunnel to expand the subterranean facility. This discovery allowed MIB to develop new technologies and weapons long before the Tharsis cache was discovered on Mars. The emperor kept the discovery a secret, as to not disclose the location of the facility on Charon and uncover the MIB, or even worse, let the technology fall into the hands of the cybrids. Such a move would be foolish, strategically. So over the next few years, MIB secretly developed new armors, weapons, and various other technologies from the cache on Charon, all the while maintaining a constant surveillance on Pluto. One of the weapons developed was the SG-34 Ion Beam weapon, which essentially was an anti-orbital beam that could take out ships in orbit from a planet's surface, often times, with a single firing. Another was the prototype K-SAT space-based satellite weapon, which was only partially operational until after the Starsiege, mainly due to the lack of sufficient manpower to support the development of the weapon. All of the schematics for these technologies were covertly transmitted to the main headquarters on Titan, and some of the tech was even physically shipped there, using newly developed ship-cloaking tech to hide their movements from the cybrids (also a contribution of the cache discovery on Charon).

The Suicide Mission

When the time came for Prometheus to launch his attack on humanity, he did so when the Earth was on the opposite side of the sun (relative to many of the colonies) in order to hide his movements and block communications. Unable to warn Earth, the MIB faction stationed on Charon sent out a warning to their main headquarters on Titan. They also sent word that they were attempting a suicide mission which would severely damage Prometheus's invasion battlefleet. Using several of the SG-34 Ion Beam weapons, the MIB faction on Charon destroyed countless numbers of cybrid invasion ships before, finally, they themselves were destroyed. They sacrificed their lives to buy humanity some time, and to give humanity a chance of survival against the impending attack. Meanwhile, MIB headquarters on Titan began launching small evacuation vessels towards Earth to send warning, as well as some reinforcements. The rest of the MIB squadron remained on Titan.

During The Third Earthsiege

Since MIB was primarily based on Titan, they played a large part in ensuring the launch of the Dias Irae capsule. Their secrecy was maintained through posing as several different squadrons of local forces based on Titan. Many of their pilots fought and died alongside the forces of the Human Alliance, in order to preserve humanity in any way that they could.

"Those damned 'brids murdered good men, many of whom were good friends of mine. These men fought honorably and died for the sake of humanity, not giving a second thought about their own lives...and I don't plan on letting them die in vain." - Commander Sentinal, November 20, 2831

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